Tuesday, September 6, 2011

time to move on

ok so most of you know that i live in paradise,midway utah, and i love it so very much. however, it is time to move on. yes, the rumors are true i am trying to move down to redlands california. it is a huge step for me to move out, completely on my own for the first time. i mean i was away at school, but i am now a grown up with actual responsilbilites and decisions that huge for me to make. i am so scared and overwhelmed about all of this, but i know that is going to a great adventure and life awakening in a sense. i am excited about it all as well.
moving to california definitely has some good things for me. i have a great opportunity of going back to school. the university of california irvine has my program, political psychology. this means that i have to suck up my fear of the gre and get ready again for school. although the school thing wont be happening for about another year or so because of the gre and finances. i also have room for growth down here, to establish a foundation and to continue in my pharmacy work as well. i am still trying to find a job as a pharmacy tech, and i have the faith that it will all work out. the bonus of moving down to cali is that nicholas is very nearby. we will be able to see each other more and really be dating, no more long distance crap.
this move is the right thing for. i have taken into consideration so many avenues and this one is the one that i keep coming back to every time. i feel that it is the right choice. there has been a lot of prayer and pondering about this as well. i am definitely up for the challenge of it all and look forward to all that i am going to learn in the mean time, that sound funny but it is true.
life can be so interesting and i am glad that it is, it helps me to stay on my toes. this is all still in the owrks, and i am not moving until i have a secure job, so til then i will keep you all posted.
thank you for all the love and support

Friday, August 19, 2011


i have come to realize that lately life can sometimes be more difficult thhn anticipated.
i have had great advetures come my way lately and i want to pursue them, but then life gets tangled up and there is more to it than i thought there would be and i begin to become overwhelmed and do not know where to begin or how to even move in the right direction.
however, such is life right.... i gotta keep moving and keep my head held high. Heavenly Father will be there for me to help out and when he has plan for me i will stick to it and do my best to fulfill it no matter how difficult it may be.
sometimes you just have to keep going and forget the past and move to the future and know that it iw what needs to happen, accepting life.

Friday, July 22, 2011

life is so wonderful, he is so wonderful

so i want to tell you all about this amazing boy, well man, in my life. his name is nicholas squires, and he came into my life in april. however since then i really did not think much about him in any kind of way other than beings great friends. then it all changed one beautiful day in california! i realized how much i truly did care for this kid and how really i did not want to say goodbye or be without him. so really all of his shnanigins and charming ways helped to realize that he is worth every minute. now we are dating, yes it is long distance, but we are making it work because it is what we want and would not want to be with anyone else.
oh man i kinda really like this kid, enough to say that i love him!
this is my story and i am sticking to it. i am do grateful that nick has come into my life. i thank heavenly father everyday for him. he truly has been a joy and blessing in my life. what a great adventure we are going to have!

Monday, July 18, 2011

time of my life

so this past weekend i went to california to see a very dear and near friend, nicholas, get baptized. it was such a blessed weekend and i am so proud of him. i love him! baptisms are always so wonderful and this one was extra special.
i am so grateful for the gospel of jesus christ and the many blessings that it has brought me in my life. i am so thankful for the priesthood!
it truly was the time of my life to be in cali and spend time not only with nick but with my dear amber dawn dietzel and all of their friends. what a great time it was for sure.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

oh my long time... i know right......

sorry people if you keep checking on me and i have nothing new to post. i am going to try my darndest to be more efficent in my post and keeping you all up to date on my life.
so the past 6 1/2 months have been interesting to say the least. i finally felt ok with ok with everything (life, work, boys, family, etc.) about 5 months after i got home. really the only thing that has kept me going is work, which i love; yes i am still a pharmacy tech, oh and the gospel of course!
lets see just a quick catch up in the past months i have had the opportunity to go back to michigan to visit many of the families and people that i have worked with and i even got to spend time with president jones and his lovely wife. it was an amazing trip and i am so grateful that i was able to go. *another adventure... a friend and i were riding up in the mountains on my four wheeler and i crashed it in a creek! yeah ouch for sure, i had a major bruise on my leg and two on my stomach, but nothing broken thank goodness. it was a joyious time for sure. i bent the front left rim which made the tire go flat so we had to go down the mountain very slow with lots of caution, plus i wet from the crash so i was cold. we made it home say, but it was still and adventure to say the least. *rachel came out to utah for her little sisters wedding, and i am so glad that i got to spend time with her. i miss her so much! *a wonderful mission companion (amber dawn dietzel), and some friends came for conference, and we had a wonderful time together. there was this boy nick that came with her, he is not a member of the church but is to be very soon and that will be my next big adventure to california for his baptism! *my dear tanya came for visit when achool got out and played a ton with patrick which is always a good time! *the septic tank at my house kept getting clogged up so we had to get a new one put in, a bigger one and there was a huge hole outside our house for a while and people around town were talking about it all the time! *my mom and i walked in the MS walk together. you see mom has MS and we want to support all that we can. it was such a great walk. mom felt so supported and loved to know that all those people were there to support MS and fight the fight with her. it really was so wonderful.
my life has been full of adventures and there are quite a bit more to come. i will do my best to commit to this blog again! thank you all for your patience with me. i miss you all and love you more!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


it is true i am officially home, back in midway, utah! oh it is good to be home. the past 18 1/2 months of my life have been the most amazing months of life. i have grown so much and have learned more than i could have ever asked for. having the opportunity to go and serve our Heavenly Father and his children has been such a blessing not only for me but for my family as well. there are so many wonderful things that have happened and that i will never forget. the best way and only way that i can describe it is by saying that it was the the greatest decision, best experience and NO REGRETS!
however, it is now good to be home and to live a life continually following after Jesus Christ and out most loving Heavenly Father. i am working at the pharmacy still and adjusting the best way that i know how, by staying busy and spending time with family. what amazing adventures are in front of me.
thank you all for your love and support and many prayers in my behalf. i could not have done any of it without all of you.
love you, nic

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

check it out

hey everyone so i have created a mission blog that you all should check out. i have been asked to be part of a pilot prgram for the church where i am doing online proselyting work. so my mission blog is found at www.sisterbartsmission.blogspot.com . i encourage all you to check it out. hey and if you kow anyone that is wondering about the church or needs something uplifting to read send them to the blog.
thank you all for your support and love. i miss you all and will see you in only a matter of time, it is still a while though so no worries